How To Sell Contemporary Art Online

You can sell contemporary art paint online if you are interested in art – even if you are not an artist. I’m not an artist, and at my age will never be one, so I’ll give you a link to a valuable article to get you started.

Just a quick tip

If you would rather make money offline, you can get reproductions of famous oil paintings from China made to your requirements. When you get your oil painting, frame it. Frame a few sample pictures.
Fat Mona Lisa
Visit businesses with a tablet showing possible pictures that they might like, and your sample pictures. Offer to RENT your pictures for their walls. That way, they can change their pictures when they get bored with the old ones. I’ll leave you to figure out what to charge to make it profitable.

Some people in Australia have been very successful, treating the idea as a home business.

QUOTE from Dayna Winter: I learned a hard lesson: to succeed in art, you must also succeed in business.

Artist – Starving No Longer

Selling art online brought an end to the idea of the starving artist. You can now sell your art (or somebody else’s ) online very profitably. To curate means to select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge. You wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have a strong interest in art and in creating art websites with paintings for sale.

You would create a virtual art gallery to sell art for artists who don’t want to learn about how to sell art online.

If you are an artist without art business skills, then you would be best to learn them. Naturally, a curator expects his middleman profits. To get the greatest reward for your art, you must market it yourself.

I’ve just had an idea – if a gorilla can produce abstract art paintings, why can’t I? Nah! I’d never manage to sell my canvas art.
Painting by gorilla

To Misquote Dayna

“To succeed in art, you must succeed in business.” I’ve missed out the word “also” because you can succeed in an art business without having any artistic skills whatsoever.

Here is the link to selling art online that I promised you.

I realize that a gorilla couldn’t sell contemporary art paint online, so I’m one up on the gorilla when it comes to making money online.

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  1. Sixty years ago I had a brilliant idea. I couldn’t draw to save my life, but why not take a photo, chop it into triangles, reassemble them all jumbled up, and sell it as modern art? I was sad to be told that someone had already done it.

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