How To Get Money Online And Offline

Money online and offline is an enormous subject, and I expect this page to index many articles eventually. My favorite topic is freelance online work because that allows you to earn while you travel wherever you want to.

Angelic truckHere are some topics that spring to mind immediately

  • truck driving jobs
  • temporary jobs
  • weekend jobs
  • jobs online
  • business opportunities
  • quick ways to make money
  • nanny jobs
  • easy ways to make money
  • seasonal jobs
  • freelance writing jobs

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Caveat Emptor Means Buyer Beware

In this case, it is the income-seeker who should beware. I hate to think how many scams there are in this field.

Sorry, I can’t show you a perfect way to recognize a confidence trick. I have been caught out several times.

If you are asked to pay to get a chance at an opportunity, that’s almost certainly a scam. Why should you pay to work?

However, if you are asked to do a job for nothing to demonstrate your skill, that could be acceptable – or not.

Your Skills

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Your existing skills can be important for casual freelance work. If you do weightlifting for fun in your spare time, you could get a summer job on a farm, or blacksmith assistant, or even an instructor in a gymnasium.

If you have done the bookkeeping for a family with five children, you can probably get some casual work.

Perhaps you speak both Spanish and English fluently. You might be able to get translation work.

Remember, if you know how to have a life of freedom on $20 per day, you don’t need an enormous income.

Building Your Reputation

Cartoon of sick cowTo get money online and offline you might have to do a job for next to nothing when you are just starting, whether it is online or offline. I was visiting a farm once, and the Vet said: “Someone, please hold the cow’s head while I give her an injection.” He didn’t know that people don’t recognize themselves as ‘someone,’ so I stepped forward and did the job. Nobody else made a move. So the story went around that I had been the only one who knew what to do.

That was nonsense. All farm workers who work with animals know how to do the job, and the Vet wouldn’t have been surrounded by workers if they had nothing to do with animals.

However, the farmer offered me a job on the spot. I had an instant reputation from sheer chance. At that time I didn’t want his job, but later on, I worked for him as a lambing shepherd.

Another time, I wrote a description of a garbled talk that a pair of useless public speakers gave. As a result, the club president told me that I was the new secretary of the club, and did the (unpaid) job for several years.

So if you demonstrate that you can do something, nobody cares if you have a University Degree. They only care that you can do the job for them.


Once you have a job – do you have to give up your weekend, or a day-outing to complete a job on time? You must put the job first. You must NEVER fail to meet the deadline.
With experience, you can reject jobs that don’t suit you, but once you have accepted a job, you MUST be reliable.


Nanny with kids cartoonDid you know that employers laugh at the idea that a university graduate knows anything useful?

They may employ you because you have proved that you are capable of learning, but they expect to have to teach you the job.

In the Electronics workshop, we refused to employ anybody with a University degree because they thought they knew everything, and wouldn’t do what the boss told them.

On-the-job training is much more reliable. I’ll write more about training some time.

The best jobs all use salesmanship. You can even use it to get a job. So use your spare time to sell things to anybody who will listen. Anything to anyone.
If you find an unexpected ability in sales, you have it made for life.
If you can transfer that skill to writing, you have a perfect path to money online and offline. I wish I had that skill.

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  1. If a job offers fifty dollars a day, it might be just what you need for the $20 dollars a day lifestyle. If they offer a get rich quick lifestyle, run for your life. Look around the countryside for little jobs. Picking strawberries is fun. And nobody objects if you eat a few while you’re picking. Picking apples is also fun if you don’t mind climbing ladders. You definitely won’t get rich doing such jobs, but they’re great for the $20 lifestyle.
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