How To Enjoy Life More Each Day

Learn how to enjoy life more each day. Wealth is irrelevant. It’s no fun to solve a problem by flinging dollars at it.

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I hope that this will become the largest section of my website about managing money tips once I find out how to allow comments. I’m sure you will have some good tips for me to spread around. After all, enjoying your lifestyle is the main purpose of personal financial management, isn’t it? There are thousands of ways to beat the system.

Get Rid of Addictions

You will never have freedom if someone can control you through your addictions.

Here’s an idea. Recent research shows that sugar is a stronger addiction than heroin. Animals addicted to heroin  lost interest when they became addicted to sugar. It doesn’t have such dangerous withdrawal symptoms. You can suck a boiled sweet every time your addiction attacks you. Soon you’ll only be bothered by cravings for your next sugar fix.
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Then swap to a diet that is so high in fat that you can’t finish each course. Macdonalds know that fat too is addictive, but it kills your appetite. You won’t ‘have room’ for sweets after a big fatty meal. You’ll enjoy your delicious fatty meals (Macdonalds got that right) each day, but you won’t be able to eat too much. Your cravings will have been squashed.

Best of all, it won’t cost you the earth for a course of dangerous drugs. Coconut oil is best, but suet and dripping are almost as good. They’re all healthy. The drug companies pretend that fat makes you fat, so that they can sell you drugs to lose weight.

Think how much better life will be without worries about dieting. Very high cholesterol is good for you if you are over 50 years old. It doesn’t seem to make much difference to younger people. So you can save even more money by cutting out statins. You probably won’t even need extra COQ10 once you stop taking statins. Disclaimer, I’m just passing on to you research that I’ve read. I am not a doctor.

Why Be Ahead Of The Game?

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Life is always changing. Learn to do things for yourself. You’ll be more immune to a disaster, and you’ll understand how to live a healthy lifestyle better.

I expect a worldwide financial disaster soon. The debt bubble must burst soon. There are boom and bust cycles. This boom cycle has lasted much longer than any before it. That means that we can expect a worse depression than ever before. Experts expect it to make the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 look like a slight hiccup.

If things were only as bad as during the great depression, how do you think you would survive with no job and your home repossessed? Can you even cook? How could you enjoy your life in emergency conditions? Hobos walked from farm to farm doing casual work for food.

Now computers run factory farms. How are you going to eat? Take a survival course now before you need it. This farmer will survive the bad news.

A recent survey showed that more than half of teenagers didn’t know how to unzip a banana. They thought bananas came in tins from the supermarket. How well would they survive without supermarkets?

Well, supermarket chains are now finding that they don’t earn enough to pay the interest on their loans. It’s unlikely that they will still exist if the Fed raises interest rates only a little.

D’you Think It Will Never Happen?

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In the USA alone, the Feds give money to more than 50% of families. More than half can’t afford their homes. If you bought your house for half a million and its value fell to a quarter of a million, how would you pay the mortgage? Could you still manage healthy living?

Fifty percent of workers can’t afford to save for retirement. Well, if you want a traditional retirement you would need an enormous stash of money.

I’ll be talking about better ways; you need to do a lot of re-thinking about how to enjoy life. At first, you’ll object that “Everybody knows that ……………..” but what everybody knows is often wrong.

Money lenders have brainwashed you to think that the way to happiness is to spend big. So you accept that lie as a truth that everybody knows.

Forty-nine million already struggle under the poverty line, and suicides and drug overdoses are up. Household income is down. Employment is down. Lifetime jobs are a thing of the past. How can you enjoy life to the fullest?

I’ts Time For You To Take Control

Learn to be thrifty. Learn to be frugal. Learn to do things for yourself. You’ll have to if the world financial system crashes. Be prepared to come out of any disaster as a winner. Have you experienced the thrill of beating the system?

One man in Australia could only afford tinned dog food on his retirement pension. That was disgraceful. Tinned dog food is bad for you, very expensive, and not the way to a healthy lifestyle. If he had only known how to cook, he could have produced cheap, healthy meals.

So learn to look after yourself now, while the internet still exists to teach you anything that you want, and enjoy everyday life.
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Cooking Scam

Cooking shows are popular. What is the takeaway message from each one? “Cooking is too difficult for you – gaze on these magicians with amazement.”

Who would benefit from this message? Why the food processing businesses of course. Remember the man, eating processed dog food because he thought he couldn’t cook?

Whistleblower Secret About Cooking

If you put together any ingredients that you like, they will taste good to you.

OK, let’s not be silly about this – if you put a pound of garlic or a pound of hot chilies into your food you won’t enjoy it. But you don’t need to take a three-year college course in cooking to learn not to shake the salt or pepper too generously into your food!

Here’s How I Create A recipe

I go to the garden and gather a little of what’s growing. Today it might be nasturtium leaves and flowers, a milk thistle weed, a pumpkin leaf, pumpkin flower, purslane weed, lemon from my tree, one comfrey leaf, herbs, a choko shoot – I only wish nettles grew in my garden – they’re delicious. I’m not vegetarian. I enjoy eating snails too.

I put some of everything I fancy into a pot, bring to the boil and transfer the pot to a hot box (boy scouts used to learn this technique) to cook without external heat. Note I didn’t measure anything.

Surely this cooking technique for a healthy life style is not beyond your ability?

Conclusion About How To Enjoy Life

It’s in your hands. Take control. Use the ideas on this website, and you’ll know how to get a life.

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  1. You need to be deliberately eccentric like me to enjoy life. Why? “Ex” means “away from” so an eccentric person is away from the center. An eccentric person doesn’t follow the other sheep. While the other sheep are struggling, deep in debt, an eccentric can be living a life of fun and freedom. It’s not normal to be free and have fun. Your friends will give you strange looks. But it’s fun.
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