I am writing this website to help you with tips and ideas for managing money.

Why should I be able to help you?

I probably can’t, if you were brought up in the traditional Scottish way by your grandmother. Scots have a reputation of being mean, but they are only thrifty. They have almost a religious hate for managing money badly.

You should make a sharp distinction between needs and wants. Set priorities on your needs. You can satisfy your wants once all your needs are satisfied, as long as you never get into debt.

When you buy something on credit, you eventually pay between two and four times what it was worth. It doesn’t need Einstein to work out the maths. If what you buy costs three times as much as it should, you can only buy a third of what you could buy if you stayed out of debt.

Any old fashioned Scottish child would have a good laugh at the lender’s adverts that say

  1. Happiness depends on the things you own.
  2. You can own more by buying on credit, so credit is the path to happiness.

Disclaimer: You should check my advice with your solicitor. I’m not a lawyer. Make sure that the lawyer doesn’t have shares in your bank. My advice is good Scottish common sense, and may infuriate anybody in the business of lending money.

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