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Ian was full of managing money tips. He worked with the Salvation Army.

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But he was eccentric. So one day he set off across the moor with a collection tin. I don’t think that was a good idea for how to make money because you don’t find many donors on the moor, but he was eccentric.

Late that afternoon Ian spotted a castle to the East and black storm clouds to the West
So he raced the storm to the castle.

The clouds were so black by the time he reached it that he couldn’t see the door knocker until there was a flash of lightning. He banged at the knocker. A little grill opened in the door and a gruff, rusty voice demanded: “What do you want?”

“Could you give me shelter for the night?” pleaded Ian? “NO” was the uncompromising reply.

“But you can’t turn me away on a night like this.” complained Ian.

“There’s only one room here,” said the unfriendly voice “but you wouldn’t want that… it’s haunted.”

“I’ll take it demanded Ian” quickly.

At midnight chains rattled loudly, and a ghost stumbled through the wall.

Up jumped Ian and held out his collection tin. “Please help the Salvation Army!”

The ghost was never seen again. It was a Scottish ghost.

The Scottish people have a reputation as the meanest people in the world. All good myths have a small grain of truth in them. This one is the reason why you should trust a Scot for managing … [MORE]money tips

The English wanted to rob the Scots who thought of all sorts of ingenious personal finance ideas to hang on to their money, so the English called them ‘mean.’

The Scots have a nasty sense of humor, so they exaggerated the idea, and nowadays they tell stories like this for the sake of the tourists.

Brain map for managing money tips

Frugal Living

In fact, unless they have succumbed to brainwashing by the banks now they are the experts on how to live cheap and get the best value for money. That’s what their enemies describe as ‘being mean.’
That is because they learn managing money tips from their parents as soon as they can count their money. The Scottish countryside is hostile (beautiful but unforgiving), and there were no rich farmers, so they had to learn to have fun when they were poor.

My first memories of personal finance are from when I was six years old. I don’t remember my parents teaching me because I was too young when I learned. Some of the ideas were just common sense based on my Scottish Culture.

Now I am seventy years older, and the brain map above gives you an idea of what you can discover on this site.

I’ll probably start with the topic of “Ethics.” If you think you borrowed money from a bank recently, think again! It has scammed you. The government says it’s legal if the banks do it to you, but criminal if you do it to the banks. I say it’s unethical either way.

I’ll keep adding more pages, with links to them from the six pages listed above, especially about paying off credit card debt because of the larcenous interest rates. But I’ll also have other ideas for how to get out of debt.
That’s just the beginning. It’s no use getting out of stressful debt only to stress out about being frugal. I’ll give you lots of tips on how to get the best value for your money, and enjoy life.

I’ll also tell you about a book that I found that shows you how to live on twenty dollars a day in the USA. If that isn’t “managing money tips,” I don’t know what is!

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